Well-being and Collaborative Work for Informal Caregivers

Considering trust, information sharing, and social support around them, I am exploring what needs and challenges informal caregivers (e.g., family, friends, non-professional caregivers) have and how technologies could support their caregiving work to improve their health and well-being.

I have conducted in-depth interviews with family caregivers and paid caregivers for patients in South Korea and family caregivers as well as respite professional caregivers for older adults in the U.S. Currently, I am conducting multiple research on information management of people with epilepsy and their caregivers, and caregivers of people with mental illness at animal-assisted therapy services.



Smart Breathalyzer for College Students’ Safe Drinking

I am exploring how using a smart breathalyzer could make college students be more aware of the risks of excessive drinking as well as to take action to prevent it.

I have conducted a user study, surveys, interviews, and UX evaluation with college students on their drinking practice and use of breathalyzer and a smartphone app. My project team designed and developed a prototype for a new app. Currently, a journal paper is under review, and I am planning to extend this research by utilizing a different type of technology.